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Privacy and Security

  1. We guarantee the security of your personal data using the services of www.aviationwannabes.com
  2. All of your personal information we protect completely. The confidentiality of the information you enter on www.aviationwannabes.com will be taken care of for your benefit
  3. Aviation Wannabes may change and update the terms and conditions of this site at any time. We will notify those changes on the site and e-mail if deemed necessary. Changes to these terms and conditions will apply immediately upon incorporation into the site.


The Aviation Wannabes service you wish to use should be paid by you before service is processed and used by you. If your Aviation Wannabes service payment has not been made by you, then the registration and service process can not be granted by Aviation Wannabes to you.

Cancellation Paid By The Service User

Aviation Wannabes does not deal with cancellations of services that have been unilaterally paid by you, but cancellation may be unilateral by Aviation Wannabes if such service can not be processed by Aviation Wannabes. For cancellation handling which can be unilateral by Aviation Wannabes for those who have fully paid into Aviation Wannabes' policy to refund the payment that will be canceled to you.

Complaint or Question

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact cs@aviationwannabes.com