Saudi Airlines Recruitment for Cabin Crew 2019

Saudi Airlines Recruitment for Cabin Crew 2019



Cabin Crew are responsible for the safety and comfort of the passengers throughout the flight and to consistently deliver the highest standards of service that contribute to the overall customer experience.


  1. Responsible for the safety and standards throughout the cabin.
  2. Ensuring the consistent delivery of the on board product
  3. Take initiative to address difficult issues.
  4. Contribute to the cabin crew’s delivery of the Customer Experience
  • Achieving the required level of English Language. 
  • Minimum age is 20 years old and the maximum is 30 years old (Gregorian Calendar)
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  • Minimum arm reach of 212 cm on tiptoes, and height & weight must be according to SAUDIA standard chart. 
  • Must pass the screening assessment as per SAUDIA’s standards. 
  • Medically fit for this demanding role as per SAUDIA Medical verification.  
  • Required Attachment: (Missing any of the required attachments mentioned below will result in an elimination of the program) 
  • Personal CV/Resume. 
  • Valid Saudi National ID for at least 6 months. 
  • Valid Passport for at least 6 months. 
  • Education degree showing the overall average/GPA (minimum of High School) (If obtained out of the Kingdom, you must attach the accreditation letter from Saudi Ministry of Education). 
  • Standardized Test for English Proficiency (STEP) by QIYAS with the minimum score of 47 

After passing through the medical examination, candidate must complete further required documents such as (clear traffic record from any related violations, inquiry service print through “Absher” to prove that there are no security charges against the candidate) 

Posted : June 19, 2019

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