Organize selection elements into a comprehensive system :

  1. Online application
  2. Open day
  3. Assesment day 
  4. Final interview
  5. Medical Check Up


The airline’s goal is to select people who meet the selection criteria and possess the qualities and target areas of interest to the airline essential to the airline’s continued success


You can apply for an open day or assessment day as part of the application process. All applications should be made directly to the airline’s own career websites. Visit their respective ‘Careers’ page to obtain application guidance and requirements. Then you may be e-mailed with further detail to continue the application process and possibly be asked to attend an assessment or come to a walk in off the street type interview. Alternatively, you may be contacted by phone out of their discretion. When you want to apply for a job as a cabin crew, you not only have to complete a questionnaire from the airline, but you must also submit a cover letter, resume (curriculum vitae) and photos.



‚ÄčThe recruiters will ask you a quick question on something that interests them in your resume.  In this stage, we basically were asked to introduce ourselves about our backgrounds such as name, age, education, working experience, achievement and ect. And also some aviation knowledge of cabin crew job or company and there was also a case study and maybe something about customer service. This is where your ability to speak english will be tested, your genuine smile will make the difference and your general attitude will strike.  It is your first opportunity to create a positive impact, so you need to ensure you prepare your introduction in advance and rehearse it.

Below is  good example of  a mini presentation (introduce your self) :

My name is Maria and it’s really nice to meet you. I am 24 years old. I graduate from Islamic State University with Bachelor of English Education. Currently I have been working as a restaurant team leader at Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta for 2 years. Besides Bahasa Indonesia and English, I’m also able to communicate in Arabic at beginner level. Today I am also a volunteer in Jabezkids center where I am responsible to teach english, art and craft for students, ages between 3-10 years old. I feel that I have the skills and experience required to be a cabin crew and I am excited about this opportunity.”



     a. Weight and height measurement

         This next stage which is the height and weight measurement stage

     b. Arm reach

         The recruiter would call you out one by one to do the arm reach test

     c. Skin check

       It will be the skin check assessment, which was held in another room. The room was with bright spot light or under sun light. They will look out for acne problems, birthmarks,blemishes,visible scars, tattoos on your hands, face and legs and ect.

     d. English test

          All airlines will ask you to take an english test (some do even if you are a native english speaker).

     e. Group Discussion

         The aim is to make sure there is a common understanding between all crew members. Teamwork, goodcommunication, and planning are emphasized.



      a. Psychometric Test

        A psychometric test measures psychological characteristics such as personality traits, behavioural styles, cognitive abilities, motivations, and etc. The word psychometric literally means psychological measurement

       bOne on one/ Two on one interview

        The Final Interview is the last step of the recruitment day. It usually consists of questions aimed to provide the recruiters with the right information to help them with the hiring decision.One to one interview is more relax and all the question thrown to you is base on the psychometric test result. The most important thing is to be yourself and don’t see their questions trick questions because they’re not there to trick you. They just kind of want to get to know you a little bit more and see your real personality.



  On successfully completing the interview process, you will be then asked to have a medical examination by an approved airline doctor then or at a later date.